Ring Sawing

Hire a ring sawing company based in Kalona, IA

When you need a concrete cutting contractor to help with your new construction or remodeling project, look no further than Connor Ryan Enterprises of Kalona, IA. We provide concrete ring sawing services in all of Iowa.

Ring sawing is a special technique that can be used to cut:

Ventilation shafts

This is only a small sampling of the many finishing applications of ring sawing. Contact our ring sawing company today to learn more.

Understand the benefits of ring sawing

Concrete ring sawing requires the use of a blade driven from the periphery, not the center. As a result, a 14-inch blade can make cuts up to 10 inches deep. Plus, the portable equipment produces minimal vibration. The biggest takeaway is that ring sawing is ideal for hard-to-reach concrete surfaces that require precise cuts.

To outsource your project to a dedicated ring sawing company based in Kalona, IA, reach out today.